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Fresh Ingredients Make The Best Thai Food in Sydney

Thai food is all about the balance between sweet, sour, salty, and fatty flavours, but it's also about the ingredients' freshness. For an authentic Pad Thai, Green Papaya Salad, or Curry, you need to use the real deal, just like they do in The Land of Smiles.

At Red Lemon, we strive to offer you a traditional Thai food experience from starters to dessert, and to do so; we use the finest fresh ingredients in the Thai repertoire. Here are some of our everyday ingredients, the best we can find to take you to Thailand and back in every bite.

Lime leaves

Kaffir lime leaves, also called Makrut lime leaves, are for Thai food what bay leaves are for western cuisines; they add a whole new layer of flavour to stews and curries.

The leaves' unique citrus aroma is impossible to replicate, and a little goes a long way.

Try it in our Tom Yum Chicken.

Thai Basil

Similar to Italian sweet basil, but more oriented toward enticing anise flavours, Thai basil is instantly recognizable for its purple stems, and it’s irreplaceable in Thai cooking.

Thai basil is slightly savoury and spicey, and immensely addictive. It comes as no surprise it's a Thai staple.

Try it in our Crispy Pork with Thai Basil.

Thai Garlic

Thai garlic is smaller than your average bulb, with only six to eight cloves, its fiery flavour, and heartwarming aromas give life to many Thai specialties.

In Thai culture, garlic is a stimulating and an aphrodisiac, but you be the judge of that! What we DO know is that it's delicious.

Try it in our Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce.


Galangal is ginger's lesser-known sibling. They might both be rhizomes, but don't think for a second, they taste the same. Galangal has a lovely earthy, citrusy, and piney set of aromas unique to South-East Asian Cuisines.

If you're into the mild and warm ginger flavours, you'll love galangal and everything cooked with it.

Try it in our Southern-style Yellow Curry.


Lemongrass is a unique tropical herb that, you guessed it, smells like ripe lemons. In fact, its flavour is reminiscent both to citrus fruits and sweet ginger, and you always want to use it fresh.

The herb is hitting the mainstream as lots of products are flavoured with the aromatic, green herb. Lemongrass tea is quite popular, but you'll find it even in cocktails.

Try it in our Tom Yum Noodle Soup.

Young Peppercorn

We're sure you think you know peppercorns. After all, black pepper is the most popular spice on earth, but once you try young green Thai peppercorns, you'll never see the spice in the same way.

The tiny green pearls are spicy and fragrant while tender and mildly pleasant.

Try it in our tasty Pad Cha Fish with Rice.


Fresh ginger is a Thai food essential ingredient; you can't underestimate its influence in many dishes, from stir-fries to soups. Although perhaps much better known than the rest of the list elements, we had to mention ginger because we use it a lot!

Fragrant, slightly sweet, and nicely spicy, ginger is a root veggie or rhizome you want to source and use as fresh as possible.

See it shine in our Ginger and Shallot with Vegetable and Tofu.

Come Taste Thailand's Best Ingredients

The freshest ingredients are only one side of the coin. For the most authentic Thai food in Sydney, you also need skilled hands, hard work, and lots of passion behind the pots and woks.

Red Lemon Thai will be happy to have you, so come visit for a splendid meal. Thai's signature friendly service is guaranteed.

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