Want to eat tasty street food? Try Moo Ping (Pork Skewer)!

Don't have a lot of money to spend on a trip abroad? You're welcome to visit Thailand. This country has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, particularly for those looking for affordable international experiences.

Shopping, nightlife, a variety of tourist attractions, and inexpensive souvenirs are just a few of the reasons. Another reason not to be missed is that the food is affordable and delicious!

Street food in Thailand is recognized worldwide as one of the best. Cheap good food is easy to find everywhere. One of the street food stalls, Raan Jay Fai, has even received a Michelin star and has been highlighted several times by world culinary events.

If you stop in Thailand, you can visit many different areas. Whether it's in the capital Bangkok, the coastal area of ​​Bang Saen, to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the north.

In Thailand, you will never find food that is not delicious. On the tongue, everything tastes nice. Perhaps it's due to the abundance of spices in Thai cuisine.

Street food can be found easily in every night market. The night market is also one of the faces of Thailand. So it must be in every area and become a tourist destination.

For some people, eating is not just putting something in your mouth until you are full, then you are done. No, no, no. Eating it is an adventure. Exploration journey to get to know the local taste, culture, and customs. And if we're lucky, sometimes we can get a story or philosophical value behind it.

That's why you really have to taste traditional food somewhere. It can be fancy food or street food, you have to try it.

Well, talking about street food, we have one food recommendation that you must try if you visit Bangkok, one of the best thai grilled menu called Moo Ping. Yaowarat Road and Khaosan Road are two of the most popular sites in Bangkok to try this street cuisine. Of course, each has its own charm. Perhaps Khaosan Road has become a common experience for many people. So there's nothing wrong with Yaowarat Road as a destination for great dining pleasures this time.

Moo Ping is a traditional Thai pork dish. Besides being delicious, this food includes Thai street food at a fairly affordable price.

This is one of everyone's favorite menus. This Thai grilled pork satay is also often served on food streets in Thailand! So for those of you who are curious about the taste, let's order a portion of "Moo Ping" to accompany your lunch.

Moo ping This is pork satay with marinated spices from coriander root, garlic, and paprika, which are ground together. Moo ping is served with sticky rice and a spicy sauce called nam chim chao after being roasted over charcoal. Because moo ping is so simple to come by, many people use it as a side dish for breakfast and lunch. Even if you only get it from street vendors, Moo ping will not disappoint. It always has a delicious flavor. The oily pork mixed with the savory taste of Thai spices makes it great. It's like a perfect match. Eating anything or eating directly is just as delicious. For those of you who like spicy food, you can ask for additional chili slices on top. Your ears must be red from holding the burning sensation in your mouth. However, nothing beats the taste.

Couldn't travel to Thailand as yet. Try Moo Ping at Red Lemon Thai. Secret recipe would blow your mind. It is popular entree in the shop.

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