All You Wanted to Know About Thai Curries

Thai food is considered one of the most flavourful on the planet, and it’s quite colourful too! All those colours, and texture, the aromas of freshly ground spices, it’s all hard to beat.

The secret behind Thai food is balance. Choose any dish and experience a harmonious combination of flavours in every bite. Sweet flavours counter spicy hot peppers, a hint of sour citrus balance the fattiness in the food, and everything is lifted with fresh herbs and warm fragrant spices. Although all food is great, from all the Thai repertoire of tasty food, their curries are on another level.

At Red Lemon, we offer the best Thai food in Sydney, and we’re super fans of curries. We have the classic red and green curries, the lively yellow curry, the southern Thai specialty, and even some extra rare curries like the Panang and the Massaman curries.

We love curry and work hard to offer the best Thai curry in Sydney. We even use it to stuff our crunchy curry puff starters!

Here’s all you need to know about the holy trinity of Thai curries. The green, yellow and red curries explained.

The Thai Green Curry

Look at those colours, that’s freshness in a bowl. The green Thai curry is all about fresh flavours and balanced spiciness. This is a specialty in central Thailand, and its most prominent ingredient is green chili peppers. Coconut milk is the base for this one, and although hot peppers are a feature here, this variety is often milder than the intense red curries.

Feel the complex green curry paste's layered flavours, the palm sugar and the tangy fish sauce. Basil leaves are typical too, while lemongrass and kaffir lime peels really bring it home.

At the Red Lemon, you can choose between vegetables and tofu for a vegetarian option, beef, chicken, seafood, crispy pork belly and more. That’s a green curry hard to forget!

The Thai Yellow Curry

The mildest type of Thai curry is also the most aromatic. Cumin, coriander, roasted garlic, fresh lemongrass and spicy cayenne pepper are common ingredients. Still, the most important one is turmeric — it gives the curry its bright-eyed colour.

Did you know? The main difference between the Indian curry and the Thai yellow curry is that in Thailand, they make it with creamy coconut milk. They also add different herbs and spices.

The Thai curry at the Red Lemon is mild and comforting; it’s the coconut milk and the warming turmeric aromas. Combined with veggies and tofu, or your favourite meat, this is hands-down one of our favourite dishes on the menu.

The Thai Red Curry

The Thai red curry is the most famous for its intense red colour and potent flavours. Red curry paste is fiery. It's made with garlic, shallots, galangal, shrimp paste, kaffir lime leaves and others, but notably with dried red chili peppers.

This curry really livens the protein's flavours, which is why it’s perfect for fatty meats like beef, and especially duck.

Our gorgeous Red Curry Duck, a boneless roasted duck, bathed in a vibrant and enticing red curry, is simply decadent. The coconut milk, lychee, pineapples and veggies bring it all together.

Where to Eat Thai Food in Sydney?

The best authentic Thai restaurant in Sydney, the Red Lemon, welcomes you with open arms. We’ll be happy to tell you more about Thai cooking and the country's delicious food.

Every day is a good day to enjoy a proper Thai curry. and the curries above are just a drop in the bucket because the country’s cuisine is so varied you can eat something different every day and never get tired of it!

Come experience the best curries near you and share your love for the spicy aromatic stews with your friends and family. The best Thai food outside Thailand is just a quick drive away.

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