Songkran Thai New Year Celebration

Updated: Apr 15

It's time to play water at the Songkran festival! For those of you who don't know, Songkran is an annual water festival held on Thai New Year – April 13 to 15. The Thai belief says that by sprinkling water on yourself and others, you can wash away the bad things that happened in the past year, so you can welcome the new year with a fresh start. Get ready to get wet and don't forget to keep all your belongings from getting wet when there is a water fight on the streets of Thailand!

Want to know the best? This festival is free!

Some say that Songkran can give you an advantage by visiting the nine holy temples during Thai New Year. If you want to have a good vacation in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, let's try visiting some of the most popular and sacred temples in Thailand!

Silom Road for Celebrating Songkran Festival

Want to know where is the biggest Songkran celebration party in Bangkok? You can try visiting Silom Road and see how crazy the water festival in this country is!

On the 5km long streets packed with locals armed with water fire, you will feel challenged to join this celebration. The highlight of all is, there will be trucks carrying thousands of liters of water to be splashed on to visitors. The temperature in Bangkok will be high up to 40 degrees Celsius, for sure all this water will keep you fresh!

However, if you don't want to get wet, you can stay at the BTS skywalk. From there you can still watch this festival, but it doesn't guarantee that you won't get wet, of course.

Trying best food in Songkran Festival

Aside from spraying or throwing water, the Songkran Festival is also associated with eating and gathering with family members. During the Songkran holiday, a variety of Thai specialities are often prepared.

Like Pla Ka Pong Nueg Manow or Boiled Baramundi Fish with a refreshing chili sauce, then there is Gai Pad Med Mamuang or Fried chicken with cashews, there is also Masaman Nua or sliced ​​meat with massaman curry which has a savory and soft taste. And don't miss the Goong Tord Kratiem Prik Thai or fried prawns with garlic and pepper.

Gai Pad Med Mamuang is the most popular. Originally, this menu consisted of traditional Chinese fare. Thailand, on the other hand, has adopted it with a few modifications. If the Chinese use peanuts, then the Thai people use cashews. I didn't get to ask about the reason why they changed it or when this dish was adopted.

If you ask about taste, of course, the taste was fantastic, it was really tasty. Not just the chicken flavoring, but also the cashew-based sauce. I believe the mix is excellent. Although I was unsure at first, it turned out to be a huge surprise. It feels fantastic. The soft flour fried chicken is topped with a delicious, sweet, and spicy black sauce. On a lovely day, this would be perfect. Especially after getting wet. A hungry stomach will be satiated in no time.

I feel there is a strong onion aroma in this dish. Yes, they use scallions to add flavor to the sauce. I'm sure the sauce is made from a mixture of oyster sauce and soy sauce. The combination of the two is also perfect to me.

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