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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Khao San Road

Khao San Road is a shopping paradise for tourists and backpackers alike. Perhaps, this sentence is very familiar to your ears. It turns out that the region, which was made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio's performance in the 2000 film The Beach, has become a favorite destination for backpackers from all over the world.

Khao San Road is a road in the Banglamphu neighborhood of Phra Nakhon District. 'Khaosan' literally means 'rice mill.' According to legend, this avenue was once used for purchasing and selling rice. So, what exactly can you get if you go shopping on Khao San Road?

Explore Khao San Road, Backpacker's Paradise

You need to know, the very first business that develops on the streets of Khao San Road is a hotel. The objective is to serve as a rest stop for traders who wish to conduct business in this region. As time passed, stores selling religious items developed, transforming this area into a 'Religious Street’.

Other stores with a range of products have opened throughout time, followed by hotels, restaurants, pubs, and other supporting services. The news of the Khao San Road neighborhood, which is frequently visited by travelers from all over the world due to its complete facilities at affordable pricing, has spread, making this region a backpacker's paradise.

However, development after development, coupled by technological sophistication, has made the Khao San Road street right now, not only popular among backpackers. You can find a variety of tourists thronging this place. Of course, backpackers still dominate, followed by budget travelers, to high-end tourists who like to drag their suitcases along the road.

The major draw of Khao San Road is, unsurprisingly, everything that is super cheap. Hotels with reasonable rates, restaurants and eating establishments with excellent prices, as well as additional services such as massage parlors, gift shops, and bookstores. Shopping on Khao San Road is sure to keep you out of debt!

Furthermore, Khao San Road is also well-known for its strategic location. This neighborhood is roughly a kilometer from Bangkok's Old City. Of course, there are a plethora of intriguing sights to see while you're here. Wat Phra Kaew, the Bangkok National Museum, and the Grand Palace are all included.

Tasting Various Cheap Street Food Culinary

During the day, you may find Khao San Road calm and quiet. However, try to stay up all night. The later it gets, the more vibrant this area will be. Eyes awake, laughter blaring between the clinking of glasses against each other, spoons and forks that cling together, and mouths that won't stop chewing.

As the night approaches, you will find more and more food vendors in the Khao San Road area. Street food, as these traders call the food they offer, because it is sold on the roadside. Most of the food may not taste much different from common Bangkok cuisine, but it still has a unique story and taste.

There is one suggestion for you if you want to satisfy your tummy while having a memorable culinary experience in Thailand. Try traditional Thai food; the spicy flavor will stay with you forever, and you'll never forget how wonderful this place is.

Well, don't miss it, the favorite snack of local Thai people, fried insect satay. Uhh, what's it like? It's good, they said. In Thailand, there are more than 20,000 insect farmers who breed edible insects. Hmm, dare to try?

By Red Lemon Thai.

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