Ampawa Floating Market, a Must-visit Culinary Place when Visiting Bangkok

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

ampawa floating market boat riding

Vacation to Bangkok will not be perfect without visiting the floating market. Who is not familiar with this traditional Thai market? Unlike most markets that we meet, this market is located along a river canal. Believe me, you will be extremely wonderstruck.

The seller peddles his wares using small boats. When you come, you will be greeted by a row of sellers who offer a variety of products ranging from Thai food, clothing, to souvenirs.

One of the famous floating markets in Thailand and can be reached easily because it is not too far from the city of Bangkok is Ampawa Floating Market. This market is about 88 kilometers from the city center.

Want to go there?

Think about transportation? I know it is a super difficult thing when visiting a new place.

But, don’t worry. I come to inform you.

There are many modes that you can choose from. Use a minivan to reach Ampawa Floating Market faster. This mode is also the most convenient. Buses aren't a bad choice either. Moreover, the rate is slightly cheaper than a minivan. I used this one.

What you see then?

Every day this unique market is crowded with local and international visitors. Not only wooden boats filled with traders with various products that go back and forth along the river which is the main attraction. The atmosphere of the foretime with many wooden buildings along the riverbank makes this place more special and luxury.

The next good news is that you can rent a boat to ride along a body of water to make transactions with sellers. How do I get a boat? Of course the tour guide will offer you these services. Your job is simply to provide the money for the rent. Yes, that's it. Easy isn't it?

Pad Thai, the most dish eaten by visitors


Delicious, simple, and authentic. The most visitors answer.

Enjoying Thai food on a boat is a list of activities that you must do. It seems that Pad Thai can be a delicious choice of food to be enjoyed with the gurgling water under a moving boat. Pad Thai is a dish in the form of rise noodles combined with a mixture of Thai spices. The savory, sour, sweet and spicy taste will make you addicted. There are several choices of Pad Thai that you can try. Pad Thai with seafod filling or with chicken filling. Both are equally delicious.

The price of a pack of Pad Thai at the Ampawa Floating Market is quite affordable. Only 30 bath a portion. One serving is enough to make you burp. What else do you need to doubt? it's a perfect and profitable choice.

If you don't want to eat on the boat, you can also stop at a restaurant by the river. Enjoying Pad Thai with views of the Ampawa river and the bustle of the merchants can be an amazing choice. There are many types of restaurants that you can choose from, ranging from expensive to cheap. Starting from the classic traditional style to the modern classic. To be sure, both are equally amazing.

Don't be surprised if when you are there, traders will scramble to offer their wares. It's normal there. Don't be afraid to refuse if you don't want to. Merchants will be happy to leave you. Make sure to buy what you want. There are so many choices that make us confused.

Pad Thai is an authentic Thai food that you can actually find anywhere in every corner of Bangkok. However, trying it on a boat will certainly give a different sensation.

Therefore, if you are on vacation in Bangkok, make sure you visit the Ampawa Floating Market. Otherwise, you will regret it.

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