Authentic Tom Yum in Wonderful Wat Arun

White building, majestic and luxurious.

One of the best photo spots in Bangkok.

Historic buildings and places of worship.

Are good compensation and the most possible reason to visit Wat Arun. Especially, if this is your first visit to Thailand.


Because Thailand is famous with its many temple tours, if you only visit for a few days, you should follow my advice. Wat Arun is highly recommended for you.

"Wat Alun" that's how Thai people pronounce its name. This temple is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya river. The top of the temple which has cone-like shape will be clearly visible from across the river. In the afternoon, when the sunset comes is the best view to see this temple. The golden orange silhouette that shrouds the white building gives it another distinct feel, making it even more charming and fairy tale-like.

How to get to Wat Arun?

In general, there are two modes of transportation that can be used to visit Wat Arun, namely using land transportation such as taxis, public buses or GET (paid vehicle by motorbike). Another way and the most used is by boat. I really like this kind of mode. Besides being faster, this mode is considered more economical. In addition, you can enjoy the scenery around the Chao Phraya river at once along the way. One thing you should know and I must say. It's so much fun and amazing.

Next? Eat, of course.

When you enter the temple grounds, your eyes will immediately fall on the beautiful carvings of the temple. Forcing you to take pictures right away and capture them on your social media accounts.

Oops, but don't forget that there is one more important thing than just taking a selfie. Namely tasting the food around Wat Arun.

One of the typical Thai foods that are worldwide, and at least almost available in all over Asia is Tom Yum. However, enjoying it directly in the country of origin will give a different taste and you will get an original taste.

If you intend to enjoy Tom Yum around Wat Arun then you can find it easily. Many restaurants provide this super delicious and unique food.

You want a restaurant that is close to the temple location? or want to enjoy it at a restaurant across the river with a view of the Wat Arun building?

You can do both. I promise.

Tom Yum is served in the form of a spicy and sour orange soup. Tom Yam consists of two words of Thai origin, namely "Tom" and "Yum". "Tom" means "hot or boiling" while "Yum" means "sour and spicy"

So, can you imagine how tasty this food is right now?

I can say this food is very special. The fresh taste will enter your mouth when you sip the sour soup. What makes you even more addicted to this dish is the unique blend of Thai spices that give it a delicious taste and smell.

Tom Yam is always served hot, as the name implies. This is also what will make you not stop eating. This soup has many variants, ranging from mixed with shrimp, chicken to mushrooms. You can choose the filling you like. It doesn't matter if you want two or more fillings in one Tom Yum menu.

What are you waiting for? Let go after Covid19.

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