Visiting Bangkok? Let's Try These 5 Thai Local Foods!

Do you like exploring the world? And like to taste a variety of special foods? Then, Bangkok can be one of your destinations. By visiting Bangkok, you will get two valuable experiences at once, namely mouth-watering local cuisine and enchanting tourist attractions.

Location : Asiatique the riverfront

Location: Chatuchak night market

If you are planning a vacation to Bangkok, here are five Thai Local Foods that you can enjoy in this city:

1. Tom Yam

Food with sour-spicy soup, Tom Yam is even more delicious if you eat it while it’s warm with a plate of rice coupled with a river view where the sunlight reflects beautifully on its water. Actually, this meal can be easily found in various restaurants in Bangkok, but it will be more memorable if you enjoy it at Asiatique, one of the best landmarks in Bangkok, in the beautiful Chao Phraya River.

Tom yam usually comes with a variety of choices, some are mixed with seafood such as shrimp or fish. But for those who are allergic to seafood, no worries, you can choose Tom Yam with chicken filling. For sure, after enjoying this food you will feel more refreshed.

2. Pad Thai

The next authentic Thai local food that you can try when visiting Bangkok is Pad Thai, especially for you, noodle lovers. This food is very famous in Bangkok, you can even find it on the side of the city's streets or at every Bangkok Train Station (BTS) terminal.

Pad Thai is a food in the form of rice noodles mixed with shrimp or chicken, eggs, bean sprouts, lime, fish sauce and sugar. With the power of savory, sour and sweet flavors, Pad Thai is loved by both tourists and locals alike.

3. Khao Niew Ma Muang

Khao Niew Ma Muang is the most popular dessert with extraordinary taste in Bangkok. This food has the basic ingredients of sticky rice and mango doused with sweet and creamy coconut milk. It’s totally perfect!

The mangoes served are quality mangoes that are fresh, ripe, and sweet. Make this food so tasty and lovely. You can find these desserts everywhere in Bangkok, from fancy restaurants to street food.

Travelers will usually spend time at Pratunam Market, a cheap shopping place in Bangkok. You can also enjoy Khao Niew Ma Muang here with a super cheap price. It’s certainly below average.

4. Kao Na Phet.

This Thai food is no less famous than Tom Yam. This Thai roast duck is sure will catch your eyes, when you pass by. Because the brown duck will be hung at the front of the restaurant in a transparent glass cabinet that makes it easy for visitors to see. How can you not be tempted? Khao Na Pet served with boiled eggs and hot soup that is savory and delicious.

5. Som Tam

This young papaya salad with a mixture of fish sauce is no less delicious than the salads you usually enjoy in Sydney. A fresh taste will fill your throat when enjoying Som Tam, because in addition to fish sauce, this Thai dish is also made with a mixture of peanut sauce, lemon, tomato, garlic and chili.

This incredible Thai local food is perfect to enjoy on a hot day with a glass of cold Cha Yen. Especially when you visit the Catuchak Market. You also can easily find this Thai-style salad there.

by Ariyaekaalel 20.7.2021

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